A Devon based company has joined hands with the Canadian grassland machinery manufacturer Tubeline Manufacturing Inc to bring their remarkable equipment to the heart of The British farming world.

AMIA Ltd has signed an exclusive agreement to be the sole distributer for Tubeline which means products like their Bale Boss 1 Square Bale Processors and Bale Wrappers are readily available to the British and Irish market for the very first time.

Alan Dennis, Managing Director of AMIA Ltd says “Bringing such an innovative product range and reputable brand to the UK and Ireland is very exciting as we look to help British farmers increase productivity and profitability in the coming years through professional and market leading machinery lines.” and he goes on to say ‘Through our ever increasing dealership network we are looking forward to providing the Tubeline machines to UK farmers with the knowledge that they have the full backup of their local dealership for now and in the future’.

Tubeline Manufacturing Inc have provided innovative equipment and value since 1995. Today they ship to numerous countries world wide.

Product Information.

Don’t play with your Big Bale, BOSS IT!!

Tubeline’s Bale Boss 1 Front Mounted, Side Firing, Square Bale Processor takes the lead. It mounts on your telehandler, tractor loader or skid steer and can handle tight spots and awkward spaces with ease. It’s unique loader-mount design enables you to raise the Boss 1 above gates and pens-your bale ends up where you want it. It’s upfront feature makes loading bales quick and simple, you just scoop and go. Simply adjust the distribution chute and you’re ready to go from bedding straw, to fence-line feeding, to filling bunkers to windrowing large bales for rebaling. The Boss1 handles square bales up to 8 feet long.

You can wrap up to 120 bales an hour with Tubeline’s BalewrapperX2 meaning that as fast as bales are made they can be wrapped. Round or square this BalewrapperX2 takes them all. Switching from round to square bales is a quick lift of the roller bed with an over-center lever. It’s tight film seals the bale inside, keeping the air outside and the nutrients inside. You can even operate it with a handy remote control meaning that the BalewrapperX2 is really a cut above the rest and you only need one man to keep machine working!

Put the hard work behind you with The Baleliner. This one man one machine bale handling and wrapping system combines Tubeline’s proven bale wrapping performance with a rugged self loading 8 bale transporter. Set up, retrieve, wrap and roll onto the next field all by using just one tractor. If you wish you can even use both parts of the machine separately to each other in different locations as stand alone machines.

“We have been asked to bring our products to the UK for sometime, we are really pleased to have signed an agreement with AMIA as we feel that our products are well placed to help to enhance UK farmers operations.” Says Paul Horst Managing Director of Tubeline Manufacturing Inc.

AMIA will also be importing Tubeline’s Accumul8 bale handler which handles so efficiently it saves both time and man power. Handling 8, 10 or 12 bales at a time the Accumul8’s mechanical design requires no external hydraulics, PTO or electrical connections. Each bale triggers a series of switches, guiding the next bale to its desired location and releasing the entire pack when full.

All dealerships interested in adding the innovative and reliable Tubeline product range to their companies product lines are asked to contact Alan at AMIA as some exclusive dealership territories are still available. Please either call 01392 580 987 or email sales@agrimarketia.com. Website www.agrimarketia.com.

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