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Grain temperature monitoring is critical.

When grain goes out of condition, regardless of the cause, there is always an unusual change in temperature. Excessive moisture, high temperature, and poor grain condition (insects or damaged kernels) are generally considered the most important factors that lead to problems with stored grain.

Monitoring the temperature of grain (watching for changing trends) on a regular basis gives the manager the best chance to make a correction when a temperature change is occurring, preserving good quality in grain.

Knowing the temperature of the grain also makes it possible for the fans to be run only when they are needed, saving money in utilities.

TSGC, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of grain temperature monitoring equipment in the world.

We make grain storage monitoring easy as 1-2-3

Tri-states Grain Conditioning (TSGC) is one of the most well known suppliers of temperature and moisture monitoring systems for grains in the USA and more than 40 countries around the world.

Why You Need Our Products

If you store corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, canola, lentils, peas, cottonseed, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, barley, oats, popcorn, sorghum, sunflowers or any other grain, you should be monitoring it to make sure it stays in top condition.

When any product goes bad, it gives off heat. So, a spike in temperature is one of the main indicators that there is a need for seeds/grain to be monitored. It doesn’t matter what caused the temperature change – whether it is a sudden rise in humidity, heat, bug infestation, fungus, mould or rotten kernels. A good grain manager will watch the trending temperature and check out changes.

The price of grain has dramatically decreased so that the longer you can store your grain, the more opportunity you have to gain income by waiting to market when the price rises.

Unfortunately, many growers don’t pay enough attention to the storage and handling of grain, losing a lot of income along the way. For pennies per bushel, temperature monitoring systems can be installed to monitor for any changes in grain that need to be attended to.

We Offer A Simple Solution

For protection, Tri-States Grain Conditioning developed innovative grain monitoring systems to provide temperature and moisture monitoring systems for grains. We want to provide you with the best tools to keep your grain and seed in great condition until it is time to sell.

Our highly reliable remote monitoring systems for grain bins/tanks/silos detect even the slightest changes in grain condition, so that you can take action in time to preserve your assets.

Buy Our Devices and Save Money

If you run the fans excessively, your grain can lose too much moisture. If it becomes over dried, it becomes lighter and not as valuable.

Using our grain monitoring systems you will better know when to turn off the fans, thereby cutting your utility expenses significantly.

Putting Your Needs First

TSGC, Inc. headquarters are located in America’s Heartland, but our specialists in grain temperature monitoring solutions work world-wide, responding to your needs quickly and professionally.

When it comes to grain monitoring equipment we have two priorities. We make high quality products and we provide extremely responsive customer service and technical support to each and every one of our clients in the USA and around the world.

Benefits For Everyone

With Tri-States Grain Conditioning temperature and moisture monitoring devices for grains you will always be one step ahead of your grain going out of condition and the resulting financial disaster. You will be able to cut your expenses, prevent spoilage and shrinkage of the crop and add profit.

Tri-States Grain Conditioning has optimal solutions for everyone – whether you represent a commercial operation, or manage a large or small family farm.

Stay Connected 24/7 – Anywhere, Anytime

Just imagine: You no longer need to drive to your bin sites/silos to check the grain. All you must do is to open the app on your phone or go online and get all the stats you need – not only a temperature reading, but also the current volume of the grain and the time you have been storing it.

TSGC specialists can install commercial grade, rugged thermo-couple temperature cables inside your storage units, connect and synchronise them with your mobile device, and you will be able to monitor and control your grain bins from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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