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SFOGGIA are Italian manufacturers of precisions mechanical seed drills, Vegetable planter and precision transplanters. There is a machine to suit any farmer/contractors need and all machines can be tailored to suit the user’s desires and terrain.

Precision Pneumatic Drills


Mechanical Seed Drills




Precision Vacuum Vegetable Planters


Inter Row Weeders


Fertilizer Spreader


Fertilizer Applications



SFOGGIA company was founded since 1956 by Antonio Sfoggia and his son Narciso. Originally they were involved in building water and agro-foodstuff system. After a few successful years passed Narciso Sfoggia, driven by a strong passion and his confidence, decided to go into a new business: agriculture.  During the years the range of products has been improved with many machines for different uses.  Today, thanks to his passion and work Sfoggia is one of the most reliable company in its field, estimated all over the world.


Every day we work to reach a wider and solid presence in the world taking care of the customer needs and satisfaction.   We maintain high parameters in the selection of the materials and suppliers and dedicate all our efforts for high performances of our products in the field.  Excellent aftersales service is our philosophy.
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