AMIA have announced that the popular Enorossi range of Tedders, Rakes, Mowers, V-Rakes etc have been extended to include the new to the UK Enorossi EnoDuo 3pt Linkage Mounted Twin Rotor Rakes. Coming in two models, the Enorossi EnoDuo 610 (6.1m working width) and EnoDuo 660 (6.5m working width) these rakes benefit from allowing the user to easily get into fields which can prove problematic with trailed rakes. The transport width on both models is only 2.5m with a pivoting 3pt linkage headstock. Tandem wheels on both rotors come as standard giving the operator greater stability in the field.
Ross Dennis, AMIA Operations Manager says ‘The Enorossi EnoDuos have already generated a lot of interest from contractors and farmers who are looking for a large rake but which also gives the user the ability to get into limited access fields’.
The ever increasingly popular Enorossi Batrake V-Rakes and Easyrake Superstar V-Rakes are a great option for contractors and farmers looking for a low maintenance, high speed and cost effective new rake for the coming season. There are no PTO’s or Gearboxes to worry about and with raking speeds up to 25kph for the Easyrake Superstar V-Rakes they are a high speed option as well for when the weather is turning or if you are limited time wise. The Batrake 8 has an adjustable working width of between 5m – 5.6m, the Batrake 10 V-Rake has an adjustable working width of 6m – 6.6m and the Batrake 12 V-Rake has an adjustable working width of 6m – 7.4m. The Enorossi EasyRake Superstar trailed V-Rakes go up to 11.5m working widths. On all of the Enorossi V-Rakes they feature a number of patented design features which mean that excessive soil contamination, stone collection and any preconceived ideas on the way the rows are formed are eliminated leaving a nice level wide row to bale behind. You can also adjust the row widths on both models.
Enorossi’s range of Single Rotor Rakes are from 3.2m, 3.5m and 4.2m whilst their DragonFly 7700 Trailed Twin Rotor Rake with adjustable working width between 7m and 7.8m is also a popular option. The RT range of Side Wheel Rakes is also available going up to the 13 wheel version.
Enorossi also manufacture the Vortex Tedder series which feature exceptional heavy duty frames and ultra even spreading patterns as well as the well know DR420 Tedder & Rake Combination with its 6 different functions including side raking delivery. Enorossi’s range of mower include straight Disc Mowers from 5.5ft up to 10.5ft with 2 blade or 3 blade options, Drum Mowers, Trailed Mowers, Finishing Mowers, Sickle Bar Mowers and Mower Conditioners with Crimping Rollers. Other machines in the Enorossi range include Round Balers, Bale Wrappers, Fertiliser Spreaders, Front Loaders and Mixer Wagons amongst others.
Tubeline Manufacturing’s 10 Bale Accumulators and Grabbers will revolutionise your small bale making this season saving you time, effort and money especially for smaller operations where pressures are great. The first 2 bales are turned to be flat against the back of the accumulator whilst the next 8 bales then pack against them giving you the perfect formation for loading trailers giving you the tying in bales for stacking. The way the machine is built makes sure that you do not have problems with bales turning over or strings breaking. When looking at the Tubeline Accumulators it is clear that they are built in North America due to the extra build quality they feature. The extra wide transport wheels give you greater stability in the field and increased road transport functionality. You are also able to use the Tubeline Accumulators in a different way to other manufacturers machines where you can offset the accumulators using the provided offset kit, to allow the user to collect bales off the ground by towing the machine behind a 2nd tractor or 4×4 vehicle. This can be especially helpful if the weather is changing and the producer needs to get their fields baled before the rain comes. As an added feature the Tubeline 10 Bale Accumulators are also able to group bales in 12’s by simply disengaging the two turning arms giving the operator a second option on bale configurations.
Clifford Dennis, AMIA Director says ‘Over the past few years the different machines the Enorossi and Tubeline Manufacturing ranges have proven very successful which has shown in the increase in our dealership network which continues to grow throughout the UK & Ireland’ and Mr Dennis goes on to say ‘With this in mind we are always interested to hear from Dealerships who are looking for now product lines to add to their existing portfolio’.
Any dealerships or farmers who are interested in more information about any of the ranges before the show are encouraged to contact AMIA either by phone on 01392 580 987 or via email on