AMIA Ltd are launching their new range of arable machinery which they are exclusively distributing from the Italian manufacturer SFOGGIA at LAMMA 2015. Taking pride of place on the stand is going to be the revolutionary precision planter ‘Elektra’. It has an electric motor and a touch screen control unit which allows you to set the planter directly from the tractor cab guaranteeing a superior level of performance with all the manual operations simplified with just a “touch”. Finally the operator can easily set and monitor the whole sowing process including the pre-loading of seeds, correct distribution of seeds, of fertilizer and geo-disinfectants or disconnection of sowing line, through a Touch Screen in the cab connected to the electric motors brushes on the planting units. It provides maximum comfort where now the operator does not need to get out from the cab to setup the Planter. It is easy to use as you can record the data and re-use it in future using the Elektra touch screen control unit. It reduces all manual operations and guarantying an excellent sowing precision even at 15km/h, farmers optimize Time. There are no chains to be adjusted so it is low maintenance. ELEKTRA is a mix of technology and simplicity.

The Calibra vacuum precision planter for planting vegetables and sugar-beet is also being launched as well as the Kappa SF3000 mechanical seed drill.

The Calibra vacuum precision planter for planting vegetables and sugar-beet can be used in greenhouses and in open fields. With its new concept and new design it meets the different needs of vegetable farmers. The new technical details of the CALIBRA include the sowing unit which can plant 1 – 2 or 3 lines at the same time (single line – double line “Twin” – triple line “Tris”). For that it’s enough to replace the sowing plate and the shoe. CALIBRA has 2 fans, one for the pressure and 1 for the vacuum, which allows the best precision and avoids humidity inside the sowing bodies as a compressor would bring. The second important technical point is the sowing disc which is the biggest in the market. Applications for the CALIBRA include the planting of all fine vegetable seeds up to sugar beet.

The Kappa SF3000 mechanical seed drill is a result of SFOGGIA’s long experience of manufacturing mechanical seed drills and their continuous innovation research. It is surely a vanguard product in the sowing of cereals, rape, lucerne, etc. It’s compact, extremely easy to handle even with low powers and perfect in the distribution; choice between five models of coulter: Shoe, Straight, Curved, Single disk and Double “V” shaped disk. The KAPPA range is available in 3 different versions including the Kappa SF3000 with its double teeth roller distributors of plastic and fertiliser system

One of SFOGGIA’s industry leading transplanters is going to be launched with a Florida transplanter on the stand. Used for planting seedlings it has independent planting units with parallelogram, which guarantees an exact working depth even on irregular soils, plants PVC carousel distribution with 6 or 10 cups. Equalizer with front rubber Farmflex wheel, big plants falling pipe made of stainless steel and a guillotine for plants support. The transplanters are available in the version STM with single toolbar and in the version STDM with double toolbar. The FLORIDA transplanter has a high production: 4.000 plants/hour per unit for 6 cups model and 6.000 plants/hour per unit for 10 cups model. FLORIDA is suitable to plants with cones, cubic-shaped turfs and with cylindrical turfs (seedlings). FLORIDA permits a perfect transplanting even of high and/or difficult plant as tobacco, but is suitable also for lettuce, salad, tomato, cabbage etc.

Enorossi’s Batrake range will be represented by the Batrake 10 on the AMIA Ltd stand. Enorossi now offers the latest innovation in High Capacity Caddy Rakes with the BATRAKE. Available in 8 – 10 and 12 wheel sizes, the BATRAKE comes in either Double Wheel or Single Wheel configurations. The heavy 7mm spring tines provide for excellent wear and strong resistance to breakage. The heavy frame and high profile of the BATRAKE give a full 32” of ground clearance allowing it to rake in all types of ground contours in heavy hay conditions. The BATRAKE’s unique lifting system gives you the ability to only partially raise the rakes when coming to the end of the field, rather than into the full transport position. A single hydraulic hose allows it to be used on older tractors with limited hydraulic remotes. Go from a V rake configuration to single side without leaving the tractor seat.
This machine offers unbeatable value combined with excellent performance. There are no issues with ‘roping’ of grass due to Enorossi’s patented design features. It offers unrivalled low maintenance as well as proven by its performance on a number of farms across the UK and Ireland this year.
Also on AMIA’s stand are going to be some of the other ranges which they exclusively distribute into the UK and Ireland. This includes the successful Enorossi range of V-Rakes, Tedders, Mowers, Rakes and Tedder & Rake Combinations. There will also be the Tubeline Manufacturing Bale Boss 1 front mounted, side firing bale processor for skidsteers and telehandlers as well as a JayLor self propelled mini TMR Mixer Wagon. The award winning Trenona Bale Swift multi bale handler will also be on the stand as well as the industry leading Keltec Bale Slice.

Any dealerships or farmers who are interested in more information about any of the ranges before the show are encouraged to contact AMIA either by phone on 01392 580 987 or via email on