Wild Hare ATV Front Loaders
Wild Hare ATV Front Loaders

Why buy the Wild Hare ATV Implement System:

 The most versatile ATV Implement System available
 Positive hydraulic down pressure, not just gravity
 Extremely robust and stable
 Easy changeover system
 500lb capacity is a lot when you have to shovel, carry, lift, move or drag it by hand! It is more than what you think!
 This system doesn’t tear up your yard like a skid steer does…unless you want it to!
 Perfect for food plots, cleaning stalls, landscaping, wood cutting and hauling, resort owners, acreage owners, etc.
 It can grow with you… just add loader, 3 point hitch or attachments
 Can be purchased with auxiliary quick connect hydraulics and quick changeover valves
 Same hydraulics will operate the loader and the 3 point hitch with the quick turn of two handles
 1-2 minute change over on attachments
 Comes complete with suspension locks… no modifications to suspension required
 Runs off a deep cell 12 volt battery for clean quiet reliable power
 Much less expensive than tractors, skid steers, and attachments, etc.
 A great way to justify your ATV purchase/ownership
 Can actually dig and back drag with the loader
 Can get you into remote (woods, swamp, etc.) or tight areas that a tractor or skidsteer can’t
 Winch remains usable when using loader or 3 point
 Loader can raise up to 60″
 Made from high strength steel
 Powder coat finish
 One size fits most
 Proven design and technology
 Year Round Tool: Spring-Cultivating/Planting, Summer-Landscaping, Fall-Clean-up/Wood Cutting, Winter-Plowing
 Much easier to transport from home to your cabin or hunting land. Doesn’t require car hauling trailer or heavy duty truck like a tractor or skidsteer would
 Positive down pressure allows for effective back dragging
 Makes your ATV a two purpose vehicle: recreation and work
 Less soil compaction
 Easy to operate

Wild Hare ATV Front Loaders
Wild Hare ATV Front Loaders

Advantages of the Wild Hare ATV Implement System over a Tractor or Skidsteer Loader:

 It nicely and effectively fills the gap between a wheel barrow or lawn tractor and a small farm tractor – the recommended ATV size (400cc and larger) are 25HP to 50HP, plenty of power for most chores (http://forum.highlifter.com/2013-ATV-Manufacturer-horsepower-ratings-m4788321.aspx) ATV’s can have the same horse power as small farm tractors
 Much less expensive than buying a tractor or skidsteer and all of the attachments. Many people already own an ATV so the largest investment has already been made
 Nimble and maneuverable
 Low profile to fit in low overhead areas
 Light on its feet – easier on your lawn – won’t rip up your grass or create ruts that need to be repaired later
 Narrow width allows it to be used in barns, wooded areas, stalls, and in other spaces larger machinery won’t fit
 Can be much faster than a tiller on a tractor – time savings of up to 80%
 Faster and cheaper to transport (mobilize) from job to job or home to cabin – not necessary to use a car hauler trailer and heavy duty truck
 Less soil compaction
 Easier on sprinkler heads
 Clean source of power – electric over hydraulic power for implements
 Unlike tractors or skidsteers, ATVs can be used for recreation and the Wild Hare ATV Implement System makes the ATV a recreational vehicle and a work horse – easier to justify ATV purchase
 Proven long term effective design
 Suspension locks provide load lifting capabilities while protecting your ATV suspension
 Takes up less space when in storage
 Easier to get to remote/less accessible places (swamps, woods, etc.)
 Much easier to get unstuck
 Easy to operate with handlebar-mounted electric toggle switches
 Unlike a skidsteer, it can be fitted with a 3 point hitch in the rear for maximum flexibility
 Much easier to load in the winter (and summer)
 Great for gardening, landscaping, wood cutting, hauling, snow plowing, leveling/back dragging, food plots, construction, yard work, etc.

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