Exclusive agricultural machinery distributor AMIA Ltd have announced that they have been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for the well respected Italian manufacturer SFOGGIA. The Italian manufacturer first started building its machines in 1956 and has since grown to a level where it now exports all over the world and exhibits its cutting edge machinery at all of the major agricultural machinery shows in mainland Europe including having large stands at Agritechnica in Hannover Germany, SIMA in Paris, France and EIMA in Bologna Italy amongst others.

Alan Dennis, Managing Director of AMIA Ltd says ‘We are delighted to be able to bring a manufacturer whose brand has such a wide range of arable machinery to UK market’. He continues to say ‘The fact that arable farmers can get everything from a Maize Drill, to a Vegetable Transplanter to a Inter-row Weeder with added fertiliser placement as well as more from the SFOGGIA range means that there really is a machine to fit into every operation’.

One product line which is causing a lot of interest is the ‘Discover’ range of pneumatic planters. With 6 row or 8 row options it comes with hydraulic adjustment and control of the row spacing and a telescopic frame which when closed measures 2.55m for quick and easy road transport on the 6 row model. The V-shaped double discs with gauge wheels permit best results even on difficult soils. Suitable for all different crops it can reach a working speed up to 10km/h. Suitable for Maize, Soya bean, sugar-beet, sunflower, green-pea, vegetable and others by request.
Another interesting product line in the range is the ‘Sima5’ which is a precision pneumatic planter for different soil conditions including tilled soils, with minimal tillage or no tilled soils (with residues of previous crops). It’s construction strength and quality, as well as its simple and versatile operation joined with its sowing reliability at speeds of up 10-12km/h. The system with double discs on dual levelling wheels assures a constant sowing depth even in extremely difficult work conditions. SIGMA 5 is available in the following version: Fixed frame, Telescopic frame, Hydraulic folding frame. Suitable for Maize, soya-bean, sugar-beet, sunflower, green-pea, vegetable and other by request.
The mechanical Seed Drill ‘KAPPA 4’, is a result of SFOGGIA’s long experience of manufacturing mechanical Seed Drills and continuous innovation research, is surely a leading product in the sowing of cereals, rape, lucerne, etc. It is compact, extremely easy to handle even with low powers and perfect in the distribution; choice between five models of coulter: Shoe, Straight, Curved, Single disk and Double “V” shaped disk. KAPPA 4 is available in 3 different versions: K4 SE with teeth roller distributors of cast iron, K4 SC with double teeth roller distributors of plastic, K4 SF with double teeth roller distributors of plastic and fertiliser system. Suitable for all type of cereals, as wheat, rice, barley, rape, lucerne and others.
The ‘ITALA’ transplanter is the ideal machine for planting with precision all vegetable, nursery bare-root plants and small turf plants. The plants are removed by hand from the boxes and placed in the clips of the distributing chain, which deposits them in the furrow at desired spacing and depth. The ITALA transplanters are available in following versions: Transmission of the planting unit by steel compression wheels: ST with single toolbar and STD with double toolbar. Transmission of the planting unit by rubber tractor wheels: STM with single toolbar and STDM with double toolbar. 1-row version for little tractor 15 CV (motocultivator). Different types of distributor chain for different plant spacings: with 10 clips; with 15 clips or model Star with 14 clips. Production per hour: 1.500-2.000 plants/unit. Suitable for bare-root and turf plants, like lettuce, tomato, cabbage and others, but also for small shrubs, azalea, etc.
The Pacciamatrice V TransplantingMulching Machine lays down plastic and nylon roller of different width. It can be equipped with or without front roller and with rear rubber wheels. All parts of the machine are adjustable according to the size of the roller. The mulching machine is available with 1,40m, 1,90m and 2,10m wide. It is suitable on all kind of soils. Suitable for all kind of bio plastic and paper.
The ‘THEMA’ Inter-row Weeder for crop rows is strong, versatile, light and reliable. Suited to different crops on various soil conditions (sandy, middle-heavy and heavy soil), it ensures safety and long lasting working capacity, believed to be more than any other machine on the market. All movements are on ball bearing, the floating parts of the units on self-lubricating nylon bushings, the toolbar is 100×100. It’s available with different fittings on fixed, manual folding and hydraulic folding frame. Adjustable row distance from 25 to 90cm; the fertiliser with patented volumetric distributors and drive wheel, possible fertiliser drive by cardan joint and central distributor fertiliser adjustment. Suitable for crop rows like, maize, sugar-beet etc, and also for all vegetables including potatoes.
Another Sfoggia product which is going to help to revolutionise the market is the Elektra-Touch Precision Pneumatic Planters. Elektra is the revolutionary precision vacuum planter with 6 or 8 rows, equipped with a new electronic device with a touch screen control that allows to manage the machine automatically and directly from the tractor cabin guaranteeing an excellent sowing precision also at 15km/h! This electronic system called “Elektro system” is adaptable to every other seeders with 4, 12 and 16 rows.

Dealerships are invited to contact AMIA today to discuss opportunities in your area and farmers and contractors are invited to contact AMIA Ltd to find out who their nearest dealership is. Contact AMIA Ltd on 01392 580 987 or email info@agrimarketia.com or visit www.agrimarketia.com for videos, information and brochures on all of the AMIA ranges of machinery.