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ALSTRONG manufacture a range of soil aerators and grassland regeneration equipment. AMIA manage ALSTRONG’s mainland UK and International Sales.

Why Aerate?

For a soil to be productive it needs to have a good balance of the basic soil elements – minerals, air, water and organic matter. Soil compaction does not allow this balance to exist.

The three main causes of soil compaction are:

■ Equipment Traffic
■ Livestock Traffic
■ Rainfall
■ Benefits Of Aeration

■ Increased tolerance to drought.
■ Aeration can release the equivalent of 50KGs of Nitrogen per Hectare.
■ Increases earthworm activity in the soil.
■ Unlock iron in the soil and help wash it out.
■ Reduced expenditure on NPK.
■ Surface drainage is greatly improved with faster absorption of slurry and Winter rainfall.
■ Nutrients get to the roots faster.

The Alstrong range of aerators are designed to aerate the top layer of grassland to a depth of 15cm.

Thanks to their unique blade design and weight they continue to shatter the hard pan down to a depthof 30cm deep without any soil disturbanceor disruption to grazing systems.

The blade design offers greater soil penetration, mechanically altering the physical structure of the soil, leading to better grass growth.

Due to its unique patented design,the weight is transferred simultaneously to each blade as it enters the soil. Combined with a working speed of up to 20kph.

If you would like more information on the Alstrong agricultural machinery range or any of machines within the range please send an email to info@agrimarketia.com.