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Keltec Self Loading Bale Chaser

• Fast efficient and safe transport of bales
• No damage to the bales
• Rugged strong and well designed for long life and trouble free use
• Less soil compaction only one machine – no loader in the field
• Safety locking system on both bale cages
• All hinge points greasable

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The Keltec Self Loading Bale Transporter comes in two sizes an 8 pack and a 10 pack.  The 8 pack comes with a single hi-speed axle and the 10 comes with a hi-speed double axle bogey system. The 10 pack can transport 72 bales per hour on a one kilometer trip and the 8 does 60 bales per hour.

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There is nothing to compare with the 10 pack. We have two trailers to help in long draws, one carries 20 and the other 17 bales and even on a long draw 20km round trip the 10 pack will draw more bales than the two trailers together and that’s with a loader in the field and in the yard, four drivers and machines as opposed to one driver and the 10 pack.
Jerry Fitzgerald, Cork, ContractorHappy Keltec Customer
I have the Keltec for fifteen years and without it we would not make any bales, it’s a super tool and has only cost 2 tyres and 15 tubes of grease with over 130,000 bales moved.
Mark O Donnell Limerick, Farmer/ContractorHappy Keltec Customer
All my customers request the 8 pack and I have great peace of mind knowing that the job will be done safely and with no damage to the wrapped bales. There is no need for additional machinery in the fields.
Tomas Crowley, ContractorHappy Keltec Customer
Thanks to AMIA for the great service I will recommend to everyone around. Will defiantly be in touch again in the future if I’m wanting anything. Thanks again been a pleasure doing business with you
Shaun Conroy, Scotland
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