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Keltec Products

Keltec Bale Slice
Cuts upwards through the bale whilst holding the wrap and netting until you are ready to let it go when you feed or fill your mixer wagon.
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Keltec Bale Transporter
See what the Farmers Weekly have to say about the Keltec Bale Transporter and how you can cut your bale transporting costs by up to a half!
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KELTEC Round Bale Unwinder
The people who brought you the industry leading Keltec Bale Slice have now brought out a new Round Bale Unwinder to help you with your feeding this winter.
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Keltec Bag Filler Bucket
Make filling bags a lot quicker and easier by using the Keltec Bag Fill Bucket!  Simply scoop up your material, hook on the bag on the handy hooks, then release the material from the comfort of your cab to safely and quickly fill your bags.
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Keltec Double Soft Hands Grab
For more information on the Keltec Engineering Double Soft Hands Grab or any of the other ranges of Agricultural Machinery products that AMIA exclusively distribute into the the UK and Ireland or to locate your nearest agricultural dealership stocking our machinery please either call +44 (0)1363 82928 or email info@agrimarketia.com.
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