South West based distributor AMIA launched the BLU-JET® range of Liquid Fertiliser Injection and Strip-Till equipment recently at the Cereals Event 2013 in Lincolnshire to formally announce their new relationship with the Nebraska based company to the UK agricultural machinery market.

For more than four decades, USA company BLU-JET® has been an innovative leader in Fertiliser Injection and Tillage Equipment for the Agricultural Industry leading the way and breaking new boundaries across the world with their market leading equipment.

Alan Dennis, AMIA Managing Director says ‘We are delighted to add the world class BLU-JET® line to the other agricultural machinery ranges we exclusively distribute into the UK and Ireland including the Enorossi range of tedder, rakes and disc mowers and the Tubeline Manufacturing range of Front Mounted, Side Firing Bale Processors and wrappers.’ Mr Dennis goes on to say ‘When you look at the history of the company, with all of the awards BLU-JET® have won including the coveted NO-Till Product of the Year in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 coupled with some of the breathtaking machinery they have manufactured for a number of years, we are very proud to have the opportunity to work with them exclusively in the UK and Ireland’.

The BLU-JET® AT2000 Liquid Fertiliser applicator proved to be an eye-catching piece of equipment for the thousands of visitors attending. With its ability to direct the liquid fertiliser either through nozzles or a trailing knife system directly into the ground meaning that your fertiliser is literally put right where you want it. Individually suspended leading discs make slits in the soil before the application apparatus applies the liquid fertiliser into the ground so your fertiliser does not burn off with the sun, wash off with the rain or blow off with the wind. The adjustable row spacing’s available on the AT2000 allow the operator to use the 7m working width machine with row spacing’s of between 45cm and 80cm depending on the crop.

The other machine that BLU-JET® were showcasing on their stand and demonstrating on their demonstration field was the STRIP TILL NT. Whilst Strip Till is still a relatively new arable concept to the UK market in America it is the tried and tested method of preparing the ground of choice for arable farmers, with BLU-JET® being at the forefront from the very beginning. The Strip Till NT is the special EU model which is not just extremely well made, complete with 5 year frame warranty, but also extremely well engineered with all of their years of experience and knowledge built into it. The first cutting disc on the machine cuts through the trash left from last years crop, then the residue managers clear the trash away from the knife which cuts into the ground to give you a warm and fertile seed bed (with option to apply starter liquid fertiliser or traditional fertiliser), then the adjustable closing discs pull the soil back into the row before the adjustable breaking baskets work the soil for the final time. Mr Dennis says ‘One of first things you notice about the STRIP TILL NT is the build quality and the amount of space that the machine has between each tool.’ He goes on to say ‘There is a very, very important reason for this in that you physically need to have enough room for the crop trash to get away before the knife gets there else you run the danger of clogging up the machine or jumping over parts of your row if the build up of trash becomes too much which is something you will not get with the STRIP TILL NT.’ Each tool on the machine is individually spring loaded and the design of the machine means that it stays in the ground even in rutty ground so the machine is working at all times. Experience and longevity in the market world wide has also allowed BLU-JET® to ensure that the operator experience is always at the front of their minds with small things like every adjustable tool on the machine having the same size spanner needed for adjustments, making it quick and easy to make field adjustments without taking your whole tool kit with you.

Across the country a number of contractors and agronomists have taken on board the benefits that can be derived from using the BLU-JET® Liquid Fertiliser and Strip Till equipment and the South West is no different with interest very high. The potential to easily and effectively crop rotate is something that will become increasingly important as the new CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) policy comes into play in the coming years.

For more information on the BLU-JET® range of machinery visit or contact AMIA directly on 01392 580 987 or email