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Y Rake 17 All Blacks

The most advanced hay rake available in the market. Y Rake: the best way to rake.

IDEAL FOR: working on all types of terrain.
KEY FEATURES: Many innovations to your service: auto steering system, universal rake wheels, automatic lock, suspensions. International patent pending.
DESCRIPTION: The Y Rake 17 All Blacks is designed to meet the needs of today’s hay producers. The Y configuration offers a clean and gentle raking over the whole working width. The autosteer system allows the machines to work with ease even in small plots. This innovative machine features a special design using universal rake wheels (right or left) with rubber tines. This new system is designed to optimize the raking capacity on heavy forage conditions. Universal wheels Ø 150 cm., 2 suspension wheels. New articulated frame allows the rake to adapt to the most varied working conditions. All forage is gathered in only one soft windrow. The special design does not require the use of the optional central kicker wheel.
The Y rake can be equipped with standard raking wheels Ø 150 cm., tooth 7,5 cm. upon request.
Enoagricola Rossi was the first company to develop, build, and apply the auto-steering system to finger wheel rakes. The auto-steering system is a closed hydraulic system made up of hydraulic hoses and two cylinders, one situated on the two-point hitch of the rake and the other on the rear crossbar. This technical innovation enables the machine to steer itself independently, following the path of the tractor, and thus do right-angle turns and maneuver easily in very tight spaces.
MODELS: Y Rake auto steer available in 12+3 and 14+3 models.

  • Lateral frame sections 150 mm x 100 mm, 4 mm thickness.
  • Frames made of FE 510 steel.
  • Universal wheels with rubber tines Ø 150 cm.
  • 2 suspension wheels.
  • Universal rake wheels with plastic protective disc.
  • Hydraulic opening and closing device.
  • Automatic lock.
  • Tires tubeless 205.70/15.
  • Hydraulic device for lifting and lowering the raking wheels.

CATEGORY: Haymaking


WHEELS:  Rubber Times, Ø 150 cm

INNOVATION:  Suspension Wheels

ModelWorking WidthNo of WheelsTransport WidthTransport LengthWeight
RTY 12+3800cm4280cm280cm2400 Kg
RTY 14+3880cm4280cm111cm2600 Kg
The Enorossi RP6 rake arrived safe and sound, We had it assembled in under 1 hour. It then worked none stop for a week, till rain eventually stopped play. Good quality build and we are very pleased. I have been very pleased with the service and correspondence. Thank you again.
Mr Organ, Wales
Just a quick note to let you know the flail mower has been fantastic so far! Managed to mow areas this weekend that have been beyond the reach of heavy machinery for years. Thanks again for great service.
Mr B, England.
Just letting you know the part has arrived. Great service! Thanks a lot.
Happy Client
Thanks to AMIA for the great service I will recommend to everyone around. Will defiantly be in touch again in the future if I’m wanting anything. Thanks again been a pleasure doing business with you
Shaun Conroy, Scotland
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