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Side Shift Backhoe


KEY FEATURES: The backhoe can be mechanically side shifted in order to significantly increase the working range.


DESCRIPTION : Enorossi Backhoes are powerful machines for any earthmoving operation where digging is involved. All our backhoes are engineered to handle extreme conditions with ease.


The Enorossi Compact Tractor Sickle Bar / Finger mowers have been thought of and built to adapt to any type of land. The high speed cutting systems ensure a clean cut of the product. The sickle bar mowers have an allowable cut from – 45° to + 90°, respect to the horizontal plan, to allow the mowing of hedges, ditches, banks, etc., Available in the hydraulic or mechanical version. All bars are equipped with automatic safety release. Power take-off : 540 rpm. Standard production equipment on BF/BFS: propeller shaft, blade and spare blade protection.


Side shift backhoe with high efficiency pump with revs multiplier and built in tank, boom rotation of 180° degrees is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders, monoblock distributor by clutch levers with safety valves, independent hydraulic stabilizers with piloted block valves, casehardened and rectified bushings and pins in all articulations, hydraulic oil, universal hook stiffening kit.


Optional: trapezoidal ditching bucket, ditch clearing bucket, grab bucket, skeleton bucket, universal hook stiffening kit.


MODELS: EB Series. Mod. EBL, EBM and EBM-M.


  • Multiposition operation.
  • Independent hydraulic stabilizers with piloted block valves.
  • Boom rotation of 180° degrees is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders.
  • The cylinders feature end-of-stroke dampers.
  • High efficiency pump with revs multiplier and built in tank casehardened and rectified bushings and pins in all articulations.
  • The adjustable seat can be accessed easily and offers the operator ergonomic position and ample visibility, making work safer and less strenuous.
  • Monoblock distributor by clutch levers with safety.
  • Our backhoes feature side-shift extension.
  • This lets operator dig in spaces where it would be difficult to manoeuvre the entire tractor into a good working position.
  • Hydraulic lock


  • EBL 120
  • EBL 180
  • EBL 230
  • EBM 200
  • EBM 230
  • EBM 250
  • EBM-M 250
  • EBM-M 270
  • EBM-M 290


ModelBucket breakout forcePump capacityOperating pressureDigging depthBucketsWeight with standard bucketFrame width with translation
EBL 1201500 KG11 Lt/min160 bar120 cm25 cm320 KG100 cm
EBL 1801500 KG11 Lt/min160 bar180 cm25 cm340 KG120 cm
EBL 2301500 KG11 Lt/min160 bar230 cm30 cm360 KG120 cm
EBM 2002600 KG16 Lt/min180 bar200 cm25 cm525 KG140 cm
EBM 2302600 KG16 Lt/min180 bar230 cm25 cm545 KG140 cm
EBM 2502600 KG16 Lt/min180 bar250 cm25 cm565 KG160 cm
EBM-M 2502750 KG26 Lt/min180 bar250 cm30/80 cm740 KG180 cm
EBM-M 2702750 KG26 Lt/min180 bar270 cm30/80 cm770 KG180 cm
EBM-M 2902800 KG26 Lt/min180 bar290 cm30/80 cm820 KG200 cm

The Enorossi RP6 rake arrived safe and sound, We had it assembled in under 1 hour. It then worked none stop for a week, till rain eventually stopped play. Good quality build and we are very pleased. I have been very pleased with the service and correspondence. Thank you again.
Mr Organ, Wales
Just a quick note to let you know the flail mower has been fantastic so far! Managed to mow areas this weekend that have been beyond the reach of heavy machinery for years. Thanks again for great service.
Mr B, England.
Just letting you know the part has arrived. Great service! Thanks a lot.
Happy Client
Thanks to AMIA for the great service I will recommend to everyone around. Will defiantly be in touch again in the future if I’m wanting anything. Thanks again been a pleasure doing business with you
Shaun Conroy, Scotland
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