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Enorossi DR420 Tedder and Rake Combination


The Enorossi DR420 4R Tedder and Rake Combo is a versatile hay tool with the ability to perform 6 different tedding and raking functions. With only a few easy adjustments, the machine can be used to ted, rake a single windrow, rake two windrows and ted material away from the edge of the field.


The DR420 Tedder/Rake is a versatile machine consisting of twin rotors allowing it to be easily adapted to do the following operations. The extra set of arms and tines allow the left hand side head to be operated in both Clockwise and Anticlockwise directions. The DR420 telescopically extends from the middle to widen or shorten machine depending on the function you are performing. It also features twin tandem wheels to increase stability in the field and ensures that it follows the contours of the field brilliantly.


Can rake up to make 8m between rows ideal for self propelled foragers. Has a gearbox to change direction, heavy duty tines for rowing up, angles for transport and rowing up, telescopes outwards to adjust between spreading and rowing up.


Operation 1 – Tedding – spreading a Windrow to allow quicker drying.

The tractor drives over the windrow of crop and spreads it sideways.

Operation 2 – Moving/Turning a Windrow sideways onto dry ground.

Tractor runs alongside the windrow and the Left Rotor turns and moves the crop to the right – the width of the new windrow is controlled by the Right hand rotor.


Operation 3 – Raking a Tedded crop into a Single Windrow.

Rotor turn in opposite directions. The tractor drives over the crop and creates a new windrow centrally between the 2 rotors.


Operation 4 – Raking 2 separate Windrows.

Tractor drives over the crop. 2 Rotors turn in the same direction and form a new Windrow on the left side of the rotor. To prevent to the crop form being thrown too far the deflector curtain is fitted on the left rotor.

Maybe necessary for high volumes of trash where combining into 1 central windrow provides too much material for the baler.


Operation 5 – Raking to the Left Side.

To rake a single Windrow on the left side the frame is angled as above so that left rotor collect all the material moved by the right rotor. Use the Deflector curtain to control the new Windrow. Very useful when crop density is low and need to increase quantity for the baler for example on 2nd and 3rd cuts etc.

If operator on the next pass deposits the crop onto the first windrow by driving in the opposite direction 4 rotor widths can be reduced to 1 windrow.


Operation 6 – Movement of crop away from Field edge or in shaded area…

Right hand rotor moves crop leftwards and is redistributed by the Right rotor. Useful in small irregular field to move crop to improve access for baler.

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The Enorossi RP6 rake arrived safe and sound, We had it assembled in under 1 hour. It then worked none stop for a week, till rain eventually stopped play. Good quality build and we are very pleased. I have been very pleased with the service and correspondence. Thank you again.
Mr Organ, Wales
Just a quick note to let you know the flail mower has been fantastic so far! Managed to mow areas this weekend that have been beyond the reach of heavy machinery for years. Thanks again for great service.
Mr B, England.
Just letting you know the part has arrived. Great service! Thanks a lot.
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Thanks to AMIA for the great service I will recommend to everyone around. Will defiantly be in touch again in the future if I’m wanting anything. Thanks again been a pleasure doing business with you
Shaun Conroy, Scotland
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