Sickle Bar Mowers for Small Tractors

Sickle Bar Mower for Small tractors

Sickle Bar / Finger Mower for Small tractors and Compact Tractors

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BFT SERIES Sickle bar mower for small tractors and Compact Tractors. Working speed km/h 10. Power required: 12 HP. H series with hydraulic lift.  Believed to be the only Compact Tractor Sickle Bar Mower / Finger Mower to operate on such small Compact Tractors.

The Enorossi Compact Tractor Sickle Bar / Finger mowers have been thought of and built to adapt to any type of land. The high speed cutting systems ensure a clean cut of the product.  The sickle bar mowers have an allowable cut from – 45° to + 90°, respect to the horizontal plan, to allow the mowing of hedges, ditches, banks, etc., Available in the hydraulic or mechanical version. All bars are equipped with automatic safety release. Power take-off : 540 rpm.  Standard production equipment on BF/BFS: propeller shaft, blade and spare blade protection.

BFT 135
135 cm
195 kg
BFT 150
150 cm
200 kg
BFT 135H
135 cm
199 kg
BFT 150H
150 cm
204 kg

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